A ‘thank you’ can go a long way in business, which is why you should make time to show your clients your appreciation. To help you develop a loyal customer base to ensure your business success, read the top tips on how to affordably thank your clients.

  1. A Handwritten Note

Nothing will show your appreciation more than a handwritten note to a client. The note should also be as specific as possible. So, rather than simply writing, “thanks for your business”, you should personalise the message to thank an individual or company, and comment on how happy the business is to have them onboard, before signing off with a signature. It will make a message meaningful and may encourage a client to work with you again.

  1. Send Greetings Cards

Greeting cards are a great way to stay at the forefront of your clients’ minds, whilst proving you are a thoughtful company with attention to detail. So, send a client a thank you card for their order, and your best wishes during the holidays. If you know an individual by name and their upcoming birthday, send him or her a birthday card. You can guarantee they will appreciate the kind thought. Also, it doesn’t have to cost you a penny to send them if you turn to Adobe Spark to create a card, as it’s free to develop and download your own designs.

  1. Educate Your Clients

Every business wants to find new and exciting ways to grow. Your goal should be to boost your client’s knowledge so they can become the competition in their industry, which is the best thank you to send. In addition to introducing clients to various industry experts, you can create blogs, whitepapers, and webinars to maximize your product or service. As a result, you will establish your company as an industry leader, which can build trust in your brand and can increase their appreciation of your products.

  1. Send a Book

Thank your customers for their business by sending them a copy of a book you think they will love. Choose a text that will help them to grow either personally or professionally. There are various business books you can send, such as How to Win Friends and Influence People or Good to Great. Ensure you write a personalised note in the book and state why you have sent it to them, before thanking them for their custom. It’s an effective way to stand out in a client’s mind.

  1. Make Referrals

Thank your clients by sending plenty of business their way. Look for the different ways your clients can benefit from each other’s service, and try to match companies based on their vision, goals and challenges. You will be in a unique position as you will have a deep understanding of each business. So, become an advocate for each company, and make sure each client knows where the referral came from. If you are driving business in their direction, you can trust they will continue to invest in your services.