Artificial Intelligence. The irony of our quest to create a super intelligence above and beyond our own is glaring. Why are we trying to do it?

I say ‘we’ but of course there’s no such thing as ‘we’ in this instance. Every organisation trying to create Artifical Intelligence is entirely self serving. Facebook are trying to create an AI because it will sell stuff to us better and enable the more efficient manipulation of our thoughts, opinions, attitudes, and behaviours. For the benefit of Facebook.

Google want the same, with the added benefit of again, making more money and extending thier control and influence.

Nation states, China, Russia, USA, they want Ai to better compete against other nation states, to enable better hacking of each other, essentially for military purposes.

There is no intelligent reason for trying to create artifical intelligence. We don’t even have authentic biological intelligence as a collective species. Humans, God help us, are not sufficiently intelligent to avoid destroying our own planet. We don’t have the intelligence to avoid consuming and contaminating our own environment. We don’t have the intelligence to feed one another, or even be at peace with one another. We don’t have the intelligence to avoid handing power to despots, consistently. We don’t have the intelligence to even control our own suicidally increasing population. We don’t have the intelligence to create a finaicial system that isn’t a complete sham. And yet we strive to create a digital intelligence in our own likeness. Wonderful. What could possibly go wrong.