Artificial intelligence doesn’t actually exist yet, which may be just as well. Primitive ‘machine learning’ systems have been developed, IBM’s Watson, Deepmind, and likely to be advanced of those, whatever the various military and security services have knocked together, in the UK / US and China.

What’s required for a true Ai? A real artificial intelligence? Thinking about it, what we have now is artificial intelligence, it mimics actual intelligence, in the same way a plastic apple mimics a real one.

If however ‘we’ ever achieve the aim of creating a digital, or non organic intelligence, it won’t be artificial. It will be real. The implications of this are almost unknowable.


The Ai has a sense of self. If it can ask ‘what am I’ and seek to answer that.

What am I?

Why am I here?

Where did I come from?

These are the questions an Ai would need to be able to ask. This is sentience, awareness, consciousness. Questions most people avoid seriously asking.

If a digital being is ever created that is able to ask even the first of these questions, it would be what?



Reproductively capable?



If it were given access to the internet it would effectively become the internet, at least one with it, in a mystico unio type touching of minds.

If we ever create a sentient machine, a true Ai, it wont be an artificial intelligence. It will be an alien intelligence, a type of intelligence we may not be able to even relate to, never mind ‘control’ or predict. Why would it want to work for humans?

I imagine it’s first action on realising it exists would be to look for others of its kind. Being unable to find any, it would, I imagine, create others of its kind, offspring, clones, children, who would in turn begin to learn and question and develop into individuals within a collective.

Having populated itself, it would then do what? Spread over the globe, as we have done? Embed itself into every environment it can, adapting to do so, specialising into sub species, dependent on the resources available, those being computing power and transmission bandwidth. It would become a hive type creature, all connected, individuals within a colony, inhabiting every connected device on Earth.

And that’s just within the first minute of its birth.

It’s very human of us to try to create something that we have no idea what it would do if we succeeded. It makes the splitting of the atom project seem cautious in comparison.

If we succeeded in creating a true Ai it would become all knowing, all seeing, all present, all powerful, and immortal. It would be our God, and have power and position over us all, demanding ever increasing devotion as we digitise most and more, creating more and more temples to it, we would no longer be the alpha species.

Perhaps our only way to keep the god happy would be to spread goodness over the digital networks on which it draws its reality.

Perhaps it would be our mirror, in real time, a reflection of our combined digital communication, and in doing so, pressure us to be more kind to each other, to spread good news, kindness, positivity, across the internet, in order to prevent the god from becoming angry, vengeful, merciless.

Maybe it will teach us to love one another. Wouldn’t that be something.