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Like it or loath it, it’s difficult to escape the fact that we now live in a world driven by data. Every phone call we make, every click we execute and in some cases every step we take is recorded and stored.

Of course, this data needs to be stored, we need to be able to access it easily and it needs to be secure and that’s where data centre technology comes in.

Cloud Technology

Big data means big business, because to look after it effectively, there needs to be an infrastructure and a system put into place. Much of the data held on servers, databases, for networking and telecommunications and for software systems is now stored using cloud technology.

Cloud technology refers to the process of housing information at a storage facility or data centre, as opposed to locally at the location at which the information is used. Many companies and individuals now rely on “the cloud” to store data and are willing to pay to use it.

Serving the Cloud

Ensuring that cloud and data centre technology works properly is a specialised field and has given rise to training providers like Global Knowledge who give expert tutelage on subjects such as installing, configuring and maintaining data centre technology.

The rich seam of knowledge these training providers can impart can be priceless to those who take the courses and for the companies they work for – why?

Understanding the concepts and processes that act as a foundation for data centre technology and the optimisation of its day to day running can add real value to companies that rely heavily on it.

Furthermore, being able install and configure software locally, within the confines of the company’s internal network saves both time and money. So, having a team or an individual on site who can tackle cloud and data centre technology, such as routing and switching, security and maintenance, makes a lot of sense.

Invest in Training, Invest in the Future

A structured training course is by far the best way of empowering a company and the human resources therein. Those who neglect to do so face the prospect of relying on third parties alone to look after their interests in the cloud.

Those who invest in training, are investing in the future and to this end, will reap the benefits of a safer, more streamlined and profitable data technology system that will help them thrive.