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Speaking a new language in a foreign country can sometimes feel like a difficult and awkward process for the British traveller, just think about the typical loud, brash English man abroad stereotype they have to contend with!

Imagine that it’s your first day on holiday, after weeks spent tactfully learning new words and phrases, practising aloud, and memorising pleasantries, you approach the bartender. Filled with excitment and anticipation, carefully tucking a Spanish phrasebook into your back-pocket – you are ready for action.

But as the bartender approaches, you begin to panic and suddenly revert to an improvised combination of hand gestures and loudly spoken English as you order the wrong drink and receive a very confused look as if you had just asked for a lap dance. If this sounds familiar, then Transparent Language Online could be a great program for you.

Transparent is a practical and accessible web-based language-learning program that is ideal for the self-directed learner. With a seemingly limitless number of learning programs, and over 130 languages ranging from Afrikaans to Korean, Transparent utilises game dynamics and varied learning approaches to take the tediousness away from learning.

The program’s vast range of features expose users to a new language through various learning activities and tasks. The smart insight and reviews feature allows users to monitor their acquisition rate of new words through progress charts.

Practice Activities, that improve listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills with comprehensive learning materials and activities; Typing Activities, to make beginners more familiar with foreign characters through the use of fully mapped native keyboards; Core Skills Building Activities; and one of the most addictive features on the program, Speaking Practice; with EveryVoice technology, allowing users to test their progress and quality of diction with Pronunciation Practice and Multiple Choice tests.

With programs that are intelligent, extensive, and flexible, Transparent offers a range of features that make the learning process that little bit more enjoyable! The activities in each topic introduce learners to the language through a target driven approach, helping them overcome learning obstacles and better understand the language and its difficult principles.

Transparent offers alphabet lessons, grammar topics, video lessons, and supplemental vocabulary tools to give you everything you need to reach your language learning objectives. Gone are the days of audio CD’s, learn-a-language-while-you-sleep fantasies, and the confusion of approaching a language with no idea where to start.

Take advantage of online language learning, such as Transparent’s informed and flexible learning path to guide you at your own rate on the road to foreign speaking.

Craig Hallsworth