Is P2P lending really a threat to NBFCs?

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Dear White People

Dear White People, If you'll allow me the liberty I strongly plead the case for the watching of the above titled series on the Netflix: DWP should be National Curriculum viewing in MHO. The show is only n... Read More

Why is it so hard?

Grindr. A mixed bag of balls by all accounts. I will tell you a story that is true.  Having used grindr periodically on-and-off on a whim-based basis over a few years, I decided to try an experiment... While... Read More

Why do I keep getting burned?

“Find friends, dates and everything in between” Quite a claim, generally the latter part is akin to a Mariana trench-sized void of disappointment that is all too often left vacant. From a pragmatic perspecti... Read More

Contactless payments: where does it stop?

Somewhere along the way, contactless payment has departed the realm of far-off science fiction to land firmly as a mainstay of modern, everyday life. At some point, everyone simply started understanding that ... Read More