The Millennium Bug

“The millennium bug” - how do traditional insurers engage with increasingly non-traditional ‘Generation Y’ customers? “Irresponsible”; “entitled”; “the gilded generation that never had it so good.” It’s fair... Read More

Contactless payments: where does it stop?

Somewhere along the way, contactless payment has departed the realm of far-off science fiction to land firmly as a mainstay of modern, everyday life. At some point, everyone simply started understanding that ... Read More


Forget Dark Souls III, life is the hardest game of all. In a world fueled by technological breakthroughs, Apps have become THE life-guidance tool. People are actively seeking Apps to help them with basic li... Read More

Goodbye Real World

From the Nintendo Entertainment System to the Playstation 4, every gamer has started out somewhere. Games have always been an escape, a harmless and fun way to immerse ourselves in a whole other world, where no... Read More

Virtual Life Imitates Art

The digital revolution has changed the way we create and perceive art but, until now, the revolution hasn’t been more than relative scribblings on a cave wall. Thankfully, emerging technologies are now changing... Read More

Healthy Eating Disrupts The Takeaway Market

The booming take-away technology has been a controversial topic across the board. Apps that offer the convenience of getting any meal delivered to the doorstep and a wide range of foods act as middlemen and tak... Read More