We all witnessed the evolution of consoles that was happening for last few years – so-called “NextGen”. Titans clashed in the grand battle: Sony and Microsoft with their new generation consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. At last, another titan braced himself to charge in – Nintendo with its controversial new brand called “Nintendo Switch”. The console was first presented to the public at a press conference January 13 and went on sale March 3 with the $300 price.

NextGen by Nintendo

Nintendo Switch is a combination of home gaming TV-console and portable device. It consists of two things: the dock station and the console itself. You can connect the console to the dock, which can be connected to a TV via HDMI. Unfortunately, the dock station doesn’t improve performance in any way so we can’t expect the portable console to support 4K output like its rivals have, at least for now.

The second mode called “Tabletop”. It allows you to disconnect the console from dock station and continue playing anywhere on the move or at any convenient place. It is possible thanks to the new Joy – Con controllers, which can be attached to the еру console from both sides, transforming the device into a portable console.

What’s wrong with Nintendo? 

Kings of casuals. Casual Wonderland. The image Nintendo was maintaining for years now, positioning their devices as the “best family consoles”. And they really are! Nintendo sacrificed hardware power in order to make their latest Wii and Wii U consoles to support motion controls. Perhaps ten years ago that made sense when motion-based sports games like Wii Tennis were innovative and fun. New Joy – Con also feature a technology that is somewhat similar to PlayStation Move and Kinect, which aren’t really needed by anyone at present.

Another thing that was making Nintendo consoles “family fun” was the price. They were $50-100 cheaper than their competitors, so the people were more willing to get it with some casual games and keep for very social circumstances. Wii was cheaper, secondary console, an updated version of GameCube which couldn’t become a home for a handful of exclusive game titles.

Challenge accepted?

What can we tell about this new console? Not that much. Nintendo, as always, trying to start a revolution in gaming but they’re not walking the path paved by Sony and Microsoft, which is about stacking performance and power. At least, that was the case. Japanese company takes best from its previous works and transfer the experience to next generation devices. They didn’t care about graphics in games as much as for the plot and polished gameplay, as in online slot machines. As always, most likely they would focus on the Asian market since sales share of Nintendo consoles in that region was always higher than in Europe or America. In the Western world, the console might not find great support and will appeal mostly to Nintendo, Mario, Zelda or Monster Hunter fans.

Times change. With Switch, Nintendo’s biggest gamble, Nintendo is willing to leave its sweet spot in an attempt to swim with the big sharks again. Could they make people become full time Nintendo gamers, considering new console’s power and cost? The time will tell, but we can wish Nintendo good luck. They definitely need it.