What is .London?

We have a thing for the .london suffix, it’s pretty awesome.

And here’s the bottom line on Dot London domains. You can get a really good one, because most of them are still available. If you want to own HOORAY.COM you’ll have to go back in time to 23rd July 2003. If you want HOORAY.CO.UK you’ll have a bit of an easier job, only having to bend the space time continuum to 22nd March 2004. If you want to buy HOORAY.LONDON you’ll just have to be quick because it’s still available on the 26th August 2015.

Dot London can make for some kickass brands. creation date 10th March 1997 creation date 13th June 1997
Kickass.London still available as at 26th August 2015

One more? Oh go on then. I love searching out cool domains, it’s a hobby of mine, like fossil collecting, or fishing. Some I put back, some I keep. 19th February 1997 7th October 1998 Go on, race ya to it.

If you want to get a single word .com, you’ll have to either fork out a fair few thousand dollars, or make up a new word. Literally the entire dictionary is taken. Has been for years.

Pretty much ditto for names.
If you go for a Dot London domain, you’ll be able to get a word that describes what you do. And is memorable.


Ok, so that one’s a premium and costs a bit extra, but in terms of branding, recognition, memorability, it’s a pretty good name.

Or how about

Yours for £60 or less. Could stand for Great Domain Names, or abbreviated garden. And aren’t all gardens in London pretty abbreviated?

And here’s one more good reason to use Dot London. You get free promotion in disrupts magazine, and on our website too.

And here’s a final reason. You get 50% off because you read it here.

The possibilities are enough to make you
And for that one you’ll have to check yourself.
Godaddy have got the offer on right now.

Or you can buy for £1,333,335.00.
I kid ye not.


Here are some fantastic examples that we you too late for:


Supper was born from one of those moments that ends up becoming internet folklore. Late one evening, over a glass of wine, I was trawling the internet, looking at delivery options and finding that what I wanted just wasn’t available. I had been away from London for over four years and was shocked that the best restaurants in London were not an option for home delivery. Why not?

After several months of digging around and asking friends, colleagues and random strangers at parties, it became apparent I wasn’t alone in wanting this. So, Supper was created.

Beach London is a creative laboratory. It’s a space for London’s most exciting illustrators, designers and more to test the creative boundaries – and transform their results into unforgettable experiences for global brands.

Back in 2011, we opened Beach as the place we wanted to go to in London. We wanted to meet amazing people, hang out, look at great creative work and, most importantly: have fun. We’ve always held lots of events, and at them we meet lots of like-minded creatives from the local area. Lots of important people from the local design an advertising community began asking us to help them work on projects.

In the heart East London Techspace is home to a growing community of product & service businesses, offering a wide range of workspace facilities where businesses can choose their environment to suit the company’s needs.

This flexible working relationship allows maturing businesses to concentrate on what’s important, in an environment that promotes collaboration, knowledge-share and opportunity.


Tech London is a comprehensive online platform connecting and supporting London’s expanding entrepreneurship ecosystem. It includes all the latest information and resources that people in London need to access opportunities in the tech sector, connect with each other, and grow their businesses. This ground-breaking collaboration between Mayor of London Boris Johnson, Gust, IBM, and a wide number of partners from London’s tech community is the embodiment of a shared commitment to increase jobs, train the workforce of the future, support new business, and ultimately ensure London is at the centre of technology innovation.

A fabulous Co-Working Space:

“We know that the 9-5 is a virtual impossibility for start-ups, small businesses and freelancers and that every opportunity must be seized. In the Net.Works. co-working space, you will benefit from 24/7 access to our facilities.

Open from 8am-6pm, our hot-desking coffee shop and lounge area,SL28., is the perfect breakout space. As London’s first and only members-only coffee shop it offers a comfortable and friendly setting… the perfect complement to your working day.”

Fyxer Business Concierge focuses on managing time: your time. It’s a modern lament that there aren’t enough hours in the day. So, in work and play, every moment that can be saved or spent more productively holds value. From organising your emails to building and implementing a social media strategy, from diary management to call handling services, your Fyxer will become a necessary extension of you and your work.

Cognicity is a pioneering future city project set up by Canary Wharf Group to identify and accelerate the development of smart city technologies, helping to create one of the world’s leading smart city quarters within one of the world’s greatest capital cities. The Cognicity initiative identifies, accelerates and procures interoperable smart city solutions developed through its innovation programmes, helping to inform the creation of “the integrated city of the future” and Canary Wharf Group’s future development pipeline.

Finance Kitchen is London’s fusion of financial expertise and a love of food. Founder Ian Woodley has been involved in financial services since leaving school, most recently establishing and running a national award winning business rescue funder Now Financial Advisory which has saved many businesses and jobs across a variety of industries. Witnessing SMEs’ that have made mistakes and working with them to turn them around is the best possible grounding to make sure that new and growing businesses avoid the same pain. Finance Kitchen takes that real “in the trenches” experience and uses it to get behind London food entrepreneurs whether pop ups, startups or growing established businesses. Working with them to make sure they have the funding they need to turn dreams into a sustainable reality.

Today, financial institutions need access to a creative strategy laboratory outside their own organisations where the world is always new, where future visions can be imagined and old business models re-invented. Banking Lab London helps financial institutions bring new radical ideas to life. We monitor international business trends, design research-based market scenarios and provide strategic decision making tools that let our partners simulate their business future down to the bottom line.