She helps enterprising women turn their ideas into flourishing businesses. She is also UK ambassador for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. Lu helped us organise a little Q&A with two different entrepreneurs who share the same goal: driving a startup.

Say hello to Tatjana Apukhtina, Co-founder of  Looks Good On Me, a fashion App that gives you advice and helps you decide your outfit of the day.

Why did you start your business? 
I’ve been self-employed for many years and got used to the idea of being independent and making my own decisions.
Also, I’m a girl and I like to shop. I know from personal experience how much impact the clothes I wear have on myself and on others. Whenever I put effort into my outfits, I often get compliments. It makes me feel great and confident. Sometimes it just makes my day.
I wanted to create an app that makes people feel good about themselves by helping them to find the outfits that bring out their best features. That’s how Looks Good On Me was born.

What has been the biggest surprise to you? 
I’m shocked how expensive it is to market an app! It really hit me when I started to explore different marketing strategies. If you go the traditional route you need to count with at least £1 per download – so if you want 100,000 new app users… well, you can do the math. Now I understand why companies like Instagram, Twitter or Uber had to get millions of investment to get to their businesses to the next stage.

If you could swap a day with someone else, who would it be? 
It would be Angela Ahrendts. I have so much admiration for this woman – how she, together with Christopher Bailey, turned Burberry into the company it is now. And now she’s making her impact in the world of the wearable tech – I have no doubt Apple couldn’t have picked a more suitable candidate for this task.

What’s your least favourite part about being an entrepreneur?
Being an entrepreneur often means you need to sacrifice your personal and social life. I sometimes find myself working when all my friends go out and when I go out I still think about the business. It’s really difficult to switch off.

What popular entrepreneurial advice do you disagree with? 
I really don’t like when people tell me that you can only be only really good at one thing. There are lots of amazing successful people who are extremely good at different things. And I think it’s important to be always open to various opportunities.

What do you consider to be success? 
I think you can consider yourself a successful entrepreneur when people are so excited about your company and what you do, that they feel the urge to tell their friends about it.

Looks good on me