What’s your business in few words?
Smart HiFi – we make the first high quality Wi-Fi connected audio system designed to offer high-resolution audio playback and be part of a connected smart home.

Musaic plays music from music libraries in up to studio master quality resolution and provides access to more than 20,000 internet radio stations from all over the world plus many popular streaming services such as Spotify. In addition, our products are designed to take advantage of the massively growing interest in smart home and the wider ‘Internet of Things’.

How is your business disruptive?
We hope to be disruptive because we don’t compromise on audio playback in terms of sound quality, range, music sources or playback methods, and we’ve totally embraced connectivity with other products in the home. Musaic brings together simple, high-quality networked audio, lighting control and smart home functionality in one easy to set up system with no need for new wiring or costly install.

How did it all begin?
I’ve been in the consumer electronics industry for a long time and decided to leave my role as Technical Director for a UK Hi-Fi firm a couple of years ago. I saw the growth of wireless HiFi and the beginnings of the smart home trend and wanted to design a product for that market. Myself and the two other co-founders got together and built a rough proof of concept before embarking on a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014. We were then selected for the first John Lewis tech incubator later that year. We took our first off-tool sample products to the 2015 CES in Las Vegas where we won a CES Innovation Award. We also received investment from the Amazon Alexa Fund later in 2015 and since then have focused on getting our products to market. We’re now available in many countries around the world.

What do you mean when you say “creating a connected smart home”?
At its heart, Musaic is a Linux based computer which as well as running a highly optimised audio engine, can be made to do a lot of other things. Currently Musaic can connect with and control lighting from LightwaveRF and Philips Hue, with other lighting integrations in the pipeline. This allows Musaic to, for instance, act as an alarm that wakes users to their favourite radio station whilst turning up the lights. More smart home features will follow using rule based home automation and advanced features including using voice control.

What are your plans for the future?
We are currently building our distribution network exporting Musaic across Europe and farther afield to New Zealand, India and the Middle East. We hope to build a strong export focussed business whilst also diversifying in terms of products and features.

For us the future is not about product silos, it’s about collaboration. We’re reaching out to other companies doing synergistic things, swapping APIs and more importantly swapping ideas on how our products can interact. If we do it right, we can create an ecosystem that is much more than the sum of its parts and give people new and intriguing ways to make their home life more enjoyable.

Founder & CEO is Matthew Bramble, Co-Founders are Carolyn Van Dongen and Simon Grabowski.