When you look back to the early 2000’s, some of the fashion trends were admittedly more than a little cringeworthy. Often described as the “global mash-up” period, various vintage looks were fused together, while hip-hop fashion and the indie look remained popular with both sexes.

In terms of footwear, block heels, knee-high boots and even Chinese slippers were all the rage. While some of the early 2000 shoes are definitely best forgotten, there’s some which are starting to make a surprising comeback. Here, we’ll look at the top 2000’s shoes currently making their way back onto the fashion scene.

Vans – The Slip On

Back in to early 2000’s, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a pair of Vans. These comfortable, classic looking slip-on shoes may seem like an odd choice for young, trendy kids, but the brand name made these unusual shoes a must-have for teens.

Now, they’re fast making a comeback, with many kids requesting them for their “back to school” shoes.

Timberland Boots

Ah, remember the Timberland days? These chunky, tan coloured boots were popular with both men and women and they’re still doing rather well on the fashion front today. They’re one of the longest running shoes to make the list, celebrating more than 40 years in production.

They’re comfortable, stylish and extremely durable, so what’s not to love?


When Heely’s wheeled shoes came out in the early 2000’s they were huge! The brand patented the design, ensuring they truly were a one of a kind investment. Featuring pop out wheels, users could choose whether they wanted to walk, or skate. While they were unsurprisingly popular with hip and trendy kids, they proved popular with adults too.

It’s not surprising these shoes have made a comeback. They’re still extremely fashionable and the quality is fantastic. Plus, the appeal of having trainers you can also skate in will never get old! You can buy Heeley’s from the likes of Proline Skates at great affordable prices too.

So, there you have it, three classic early 2000’s shoes currently making a comeback. There’s also the classic UGG boots which despite having very mixed reviews, remain extremely popular today. Of course, there’s certain types of footwear from that period we hope never come back into fashion too. Crocs anyone?