Start-up offices should evoke creativity, passion and innovation, and so building the perfect office environment is crucial. Potential clients and employees will be heavily influenced in their decision to work with a company based on the office environment and what it says about the company culture.

Here are three design features that every start-up office should have to make them stand out of the crowd.

Flexible working

Flexible working has become increasingly popular and for a good reason; both employees and businesses can benefit from flexible working. For employees, having an open plan space without designated seats allows for a social and collaborative environment. Employees from different teams have the opportunity to interact with each other and potentially sit next to a new person every day. Employees will gain stronger relationships with their wider teams and will be less likely to find themselves in a monotonous routine.

Design the office with work benches or open desk space with a clear-desk policy to allow employees to sit where they choose the following day. Businesses will benefit financially from the reduced building space needed for flexible working. Not only this, a clear-desk policy encourages employees to hold on to less physical papers and documents, therefore reducing costs of printing and stationary as well as the company’s environmental impact.

Space for downtime

One thing to consider with a flexible work space is the need for a little personal space. Open plan offices may result in a noisy work environment, and so having a space to relax and unwind could increase productivity. Allowing your employees to take a break from their hectic day in a space that is calming and quiet could improve their mental health and prevent tension between employees.

Set space aside in the office for comfy seats, calm lighting and sound proof walls. Your employees will appreciate the much-needed peace and quiet.

Creative space

As a start-up, creative thinking and innovation is key. Make your office a place to inspire employees with bright colours, games such as pool tables and old-school arcade games and breakout rooms with large whiteboards and projectors to brainstorm ideas. Art installations, pod seating and plants can also be a great way to stimulate creativity and build an imaginative work environment.

Start-ups could install glass walls and balustrades to encourage collaboration between teams and departments. Glass structures also help when showing clients around the office, as they open the office space and instantly give the client an understanding of the company culture.