Total respect to Eminem for speaking truth to power.


Here’s some news today, in rhyme, for a play, for why not these are idiot times these are criminal times our ‘World Leaders’ have never been less true or qualified to sit in office of any sorts, there’s a whole world of problems ’bout which they do nought.

Here in the UK Teressa May continues to play, achieving nothing of import but spinning away, making no change of meaningful nature, robotic in attitude fake old lady in dentures, never speaking of anything of actual value, no mention of creating world peace for example, or halting environmental destruction or totalitarian takeover by algorythmic misfunction she plays politics with politicians has minuscule vision thinks sound bites make change she earns this derision I don’t care if she tries hard that’s not the aim of the game the game is to accelerate the evolution of conscious intention of unity whoops that’s toooo real to mention so focus on Brexit a total distraction again and again and again.

See you tomorrow.