Ubeeqo is an international startup launched in London early 2016 giving access to a range of transport options which they can match to all your travel needs.

The app can be downloaded free of charge, with no usage commitments, and includes a mapping system showing availability around the City for the service the user needs.

What are the transport solutions available so far? 

Car Club Matcha – the company’s car by the hour service means Londoners can pick up a car from one of many conveniently located bays across the City without any worry about finding or paying for a parking space.  Matcha cars are available from £5 per hour, inclusive of fuel for the first 50 miles of each booking. 

Traditional car rental Europcar – Ubeeqo users can also opt for conventional car rental for longer durations from Europcar, with a wide range of vehicle makes and models available from a network of more than 250 locations across the UK.  

Minicab with Addison Lee – Ubeeqo users can also use the App to book a minicab or chauffeur drive service when they prefer to be driven rather drive themselves.  Access to a variety of public transport services will also be added over the coming months

Why are you disrupted? Being able to manage all your transport from the one app – the Ubeeqo app – making it easy to organise, as well as manage the cost. Londoners simply need to sign up to the Ubeeqo app, which is free of charge and with no usage commitment, to access the growing range of transport services, with a mapping system showing availability around the City for the service they need.


Benoit Chatelier, founder and CEO of Ubeeqo, said: “Ubeeqo takes the sharing economy to the next level by combining a range of transport solutions in one place.”

“There’s no need to download as many applications as there are services available, with all that’s involved in dealing with different suppliers.  Ubeeqo streamlines the process – with centralised customer support, payment and billing all from the one platform.”

In which cities are you implemented in for now? 
We started in the B2B sector in 2008 in France in order to optimise fleet management costs within companies by providing customized alternatives. So Paris, Dusseldorf are the cities where we currently operate in B2B. London and Paris launched simultaneously the B2C multimodal platform and  Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels and Milan just opened! 

Let’s see what coming after 🙂

WELCOME TO UBEEQO! http://welcome.ubeeqo.co.uk/disrupts/