Enlightening the community by sharing your best pizza place or favorite third shop on Facebook/Instagram has become part of our routine.

But what if someone tells you that by sharing your cool places you could earn money in the same time? Well, that’s where you have to meet Baagloo.

Baagloo is a new trendy social sharing network based on recommendations from the users themselves to help you find the best things wherever you are.

But what’s different about the app is that it shares advertising revenue with users; which means the more content you post, the more money you will receive. What’s more, users can choose to keep their revenue for themselves or choose to share them with different charities, like Cancer Research or Blue Marine Foundation.

The concept was created by Dominic O’Meara CEO, a successful advertising entrepreneur who saw the opportunity for social media to help users to barter the value of their ideas for the advertising revenue these generate.


How does it work?

Users post about cool places, people or events in their local area and baagloo tracks views of their posts and credits their account, and chosen charities, with ‘baacoins’. Users can then decide to convert these coins into real money through PayPal or give it to charity.

It is that simple.

And as Baagloo is on your mobile, the geolocation tool helps you tracking and sharing new content wherever you are.



Using baagloo users exchange their content for a share of the advertising revenue the platform helps generate, and helps the worlds of community, commerce and charity stick together. It also helps local communities and businesses to thrive.

Suitable for everyone, the app is particularly interesting for students who can share their trendy tips and put the icing on the cake at the end of the month.

In another words, everybody benefits from Baagloo.

Future Development

Baagloo will continue to improve with new features like instant messaging and video and even more advanced location search tools in 2016.

Patience, the new year is around the corner…

To know more about Baagloo, check out their website at baagloo.com and their iOS App in the App Store.