Here at Disrupts we have a liking for good intentions, and good tech, and good people and ideas, mix them up and you can get the essence of real change.

There’s some big ideas out there, some seriously impactful ones, if they can be delivered. And this is one of them. HullCoin. A digital social currency that utilises blockchain technology.

Following recent successful participation on the DotForge Impact Accelerator and support from Comic Relief’s pilot ‘Tech For Good’ programme, Kaini Industries, the social enterprise behind HullCoin, is about to embark on the first version of the unique currency designed to encourage and recognise charitable work whilst stimulating the local economy. It’s a mix of fintech and tech for good. Which is cool, because we know Fintech For Good is an emerging thing in 2016. Word is a Fintech For Good incubator might even be on the cards. Early days.

HullCoin will work through local charities issuing HullCoins in line with the good work they undertake in the community. These credits can then be redeemed as a form of discount on goods and services in the city, acting as a ‘community loyalty point’ similar to that of Nectar and Tesco ClubCard. So doing good earns you HullCoins. HullCoins can be redeemed against goods and services. Doing good = rewards. Kaini Industries is the only non-profit blockchain company operating in the UK, and the only company of its kind in the North of England. The team behind the project have skills and experience in blockchain technology, community development, design and retail.

If doing good can be crypto monetised, it opens up a whole new economy, it could be Bitcoins for Good Guys. Mined by good deeds. Scale that thought.

Founders’ Bio Lisa Bovill and David Shepherdson

David S&Lisa B

Lisa Bovill has worked for a number of years in the public sector specialising in Welfare Rights legislation, her brief has expanded to incorporate anti-poverty work within a broader context in which she now leads for Hull City Council. Lisa is the Chair of Directors at Kaini Industries. Lisa has a profound interest in quantum physics. David Shepherdson has worked in Community Development for 15 years working on

David Shepherdson has worked in Community Development for 15 years working on innovate solutions to social problems. Working charities and voluntary groups David has attracted over £3 million of investment for charitable initiatives throughout his career. David is currently the CEO of Kaini Industries.

Lisa and David began researching the potential of blockchain technology in the Autumn of 2013 as part of the Financial Inclusion Unit in Hull City Council.

The Team

  • David Shepherdson – CEO/Co-Founder
  • Lisa Bovill – Chair of Directors/Co-Founder
  • Peter Bushnell – CTO
  • Kathryn Sowerby – Company Secretary
  • Peter Kemp – Business Development
  • David Gilson – Web Design
  • Thomas Cowen – Graphic Design/Marketing