Dear White People

Dear White People, If you'll allow me the liberty I strongly plead the case for the watching of the above titled series on the Netflix: DWP should be National Curriculum viewing in MHO. The show is only n... Read More

Review – Indie Game: The Movie

For those of you who are yet to see it: Indie Game: The Movie is a documentary available on Netflix, iTunes, and Steam (yes, that’s right, Steam – Valve’s digital distribution & gaming platform). It follows... Read More

A Veganic Disruption To The Natural Order

Veganism is now more popular than ever before, whether one is propelled to this gastronomic path due to abundance of studies that show their incontrovertible health benefits, or for more self-indulgent moralist... Read More


Forget Dark Souls III, life is the hardest game of all. In a world fueled by technological breakthroughs, Apps have become THE life-guidance tool. People are actively seeking Apps to help them with basic li... Read More

How does it feel to save a life?

Within all of us there is a little hero who is awaiting an opportunity to take their place in the glorious spotlight of the moral and altruistic throne. If they're lucky, they may even be honoured with a photo ... Read More