Paymon is Launching a Charity Project: shares will be accepted in cryptocurrency.

The blockchain-platform Paymon came up with an idea for a charity project. The founders collaborated with the charity fund “Zhivi Malysh”, which works to save children’s lives since 2012.

Paymon is a startup founded by Russian students in 2016. They work with blockchain technologies, trying to make cryptocurrency more useful and affordable for everyday life.

The main goal of the charity project is to help kids and their families, who are going through difficult life situations. Most of these families have children, who suffer from health problems. Through this project, Paymon wants to draw people’s attention and refute the myth that cryptocurrency is only a form of payment for drugs and weapons. This is simply not the truth.

“Every coin has two sides, and every person is free to choose whatever he or she wants to do with cryptocurrency. In this case, it can save lives,” says CEO Paymon Semeyon Gleim.

The project already has financial support from Semeyon Gleim and Paymon team. The company hopes for empathy and kind-heartedness.

It is possible to make a donation here.