Backpacking, interrailing – everybody and their mother are doing it. Travelling has become particularly popular within the last 10 years, young people eager to see the world before settling down and even busy families spending precious time with each other. Click & Boat take this idea, and sprinkle it with more elegance, more class.

Click & Boat are a France-born online platform for peer-to-peer boat rental, founded by Edouard Gorioux and Jérémy Bismuth. This was after the immediate recognition of the millions of boats which were hardly used in European harbors, which were expensive to owners.

On the website, there are two options – one for the boat owner looking to earn money by loaning their boat, and the hirer, who seeks to holiday around Europe on a hired boat. The boat owner has a multitude of advantages, from charging whatever price they want and also gaining full insurance on their boat, in case it is damaged in any way. The perks for the hirer is that they also receive access to the inclusive security, they can contact the boat owner directly regarding the hiring of the boat and booking is efficient, with just a few clicks. The biggest perk, of course, is seeing the beautiful sights of places including Malta, Croatia, and The Maldives… who could say no to that?

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By Alice Beckett