Over the past few years our capital has experienced a wave of on-demand smart phone apps. From ordering taxis to hot food delivery, Londoners have instant access to a variety of lifestyle services at the touch of a button. But could there be a way to harness smart phone technology for the benefit of the sole trader?

Enter ‘Trybe’, an East London community driven collective who connect enthusiastic home cooks with their hungry neighbours. By offering hyperlocal eating in the palm of your hand, the Trybe community supports meaningful micro entrepreneurs making it possible for anyone to set up a restaurant in their own kitchen.

And as for their neighbours, it’s the perfect way to try delicious authentic craft meals not currently available from traditional eateries or other apps. Using a postcode-based delivery service in a growing number of areas within London, providing the convenience expected by many busy professionals.

This is a food app with a difference.

Co-founder Ilkka Salo states;

“A growing number of people now prefer to collect the meal themselves, allowing them to hear the story behind the food they eat and to establish a connection with their neighbours and this personal touch is seeing increasing repeat business and super passionate advocacy.”

Driven by word of mouth, people started reaching out to the company from London neighbourhoods where the app was not yet operational, keen to share their home cooked food with their community and meet their neighbours. People are volunteering to build their local ‘Trybe’ by reaching our out to their communities by handing out leaflets and tweeting – In response to this unexpected outpouring, the company created a ‘Trybe Chief’ program to reward their loyal volunteers by sharing part of the sales from their neighbourhood with them.