Tech and digital entrepreneurs are leading the way with a new model for philanthropic giving…

Across the globe, the tech sector is making life easier for millions of people – from the rise of the on-demand economy to the blossoming of the Internet of Things, and the dawn of Big Data, tech is breaking barriers faster than ever. And the UK is leading this charge with companies like Hassle, Zopa, Transferwise, Nutmeg, EVRYTHING, and, to mention a few.

The sector has a well-earned reputation for innovation and disruption, but not for giving back. We know from our experience working alongside startups that many founders want to give back, but often lack the time, resources and support to do so. We also know there are strong business motivations for being socially conscious; countless studies have shown that consumers place more trust and loyalty in companies that have social purpose.

With this in mind, we created the Founders Pledge. We wanted to make it easier for entrepreneurs that are pressed for time and resources to do good straight away… and to greater effect. Through the Founders Pledge, founders commit to donate a small percentage of their personal proceeds to a charity of their choice following an exit.

This operates on a basic principle: when you have great success, you give back to society. And along the way we’re building a community of entrepreneurs – tied together by mutual commitment – that supports each other and society.

The aim of the Pledge is to empower entrepreneurs to invest in social causes alongside their own businesses, without sacrificing one for the other. By slashing the red tape and simplifying the process, we have made giving back truly easy. In other words, there are no more excuses – if you have five minutes, you can make the Pledge.

As we launched, fifty-three founders had already pledged to donate between 2%-10% of their personal proceeds, bringing the current estimated value to over $30m (approx. £19.5m) – and it’s growing fast. Some of Europe’s most disruptive tech leaders are already onboard, including founders from DueDil, Made, Huddle, FarFetch, Swiftkey and Deepmind. With founders of this calibre leading the way, we know it’s is the start of something big.

Make your Pledge today!

David Goldberg

David Goldberg