Dear White People,

If you’ll allow me the liberty I strongly plead the case for the watching of the above titled series on the Netflix: DWP should be National Curriculum viewing in MHO.

The show is only now starting to form itself, emerging as a unique offering in the Netflix repertoire. I’m already feeling the evolving characters, and so far I’m finding it a genuinely important and educational program. Important because it raises and keeps raised the situation as it is, US Western (read white) society undercurrented with a cultural … what’s another word for racism..? Racial bias. A racial bias that permeates pretty much everything all the people are involved in.

My take is that no one is to blame for the existence of racial bias, it’s legacy, historical, tribal, perhaps even a genetic tendency. We are however all responsible for seeing it, because it is real and it is a thing, and DWP gives plenty of opportunity for that, from the violently overt to the almost inpercievable.

White People don’t seem to like having it pointed out to them, it makes them feel blamed, and corrected, and that’s resistible. Black People seem to become increasingly less tolerant of racial bias the more they recognise it, and now they can see it, they start to see it everywhere. At the party the guys are rapping along to the music, the Black Peoples can say the N word in the lyrics. The White People is challenged for doing so.

This seems unequal, does the Black People have the right to tell the White People that the N word is not for them to use? Maybe they do, they can certainly form a cohesive argument as to why they can claim ownership of the word. Did not the word come from a place and time where White People claimed ownership of the Actual Black People themselves.

Denying White People equal access to the N Word is a lest we forget. This is educational viewing, not because it teaches, but because it questions, or rather raises questions, in fact not just questions, mirrors, and holds them as a constant whilst guiding us through the experience of the Black People, and in doing so, enables us to see, hear, and most importantly feel some of that experience.

I’m not racist, but I would be denying my own cultural and societal programming if I tried to claim I had no racial bias, and there’s probably a vector between racial bias and racism, in fact, I’m seeing it more of a scale now, a Grey Scale, which is appropriate and telling.

So, holding my awareness that I have it, maybe I’m going to see, without judging myself, where it manifests, and how, not because I feel guilty, but because I’m curious about myself, and that particular curiosity would probably not have occurred to me before starting DWP. A series to grow on.

Netflix is actually doing what media and TV have a responsibility to do. Not to program us to be Saturday night TV stupid, but to lead us higher. DWP. TBC. BBC and other channels take note. This is how it’s done.