With regards to extremist content on Facebook, and the Government attempt to make them take some sort of responsibility for this: SEE HERE

FACEBOOK DOES NOT CARE about solving the problem. FACEBOOK only cares about solving the problem using technology. They are in this matter inhuman and fixated.

“But, along with Google, it warned that using emerging artificial intelligence technologies to spot dangerous material was not yet foolproof. Facebook sources said the company accepted the industry could do more and said it was committed to building more technology to help address these issues. But it said it was already accelerating its efforts, in particular by using artificial intelligence to flag up extremist content and sharing this data with rival firms.” Guardian.

Here’s how they could solve it. Have more people to respond to flagged content and remove it. There’s charities that do nothing except find this content and report it. It’s then ignored.

Here’s how they are attempting to solve it. By trying to create almost impossible technology that will never be finished and never be as accurate as a common sense human being.

Why? Because creating technology is what they do. They don’t care about solving problems UNLESS it’s by using technology, their technology. They aren’t morally motivated to take responsibility for what they promote. They don’t want to take responsibility for it. They want to develop technology to solve the problems of extremist and murderous content, rather than quickly and easily manually remove it. Facebook and Google are responsible for distorting the minds of millions of people. And we suck up their excuses.


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