Pastel hoodies with Arabic slogans, and symbolic pieces of art fill new startup FLAWS’ website. The hoodies are available in colours such as blue, grey and pink – but FLAWS are a clothing brand with a deeper meaning than just oversized hoodies.

FLAWS aim to challenge society’s norms, by using these hoodies as a way to enforce character and self awareness. They want to display the flaws in which we all exhibit, and instead of cowering away, they intend to promote the idea that our ‘flaws’ are not something to hide nor shy away from. Flaws are something that should be embraced as facets of our individuality and are what make us unique.

The symbolism of the FLAWS logo, is that the ‘S’ is presented backwards, and this is to signify somebody who is letting go of the perception of societal norms, and to embrace individuality. FLAWS took it upon themselves to reach out to the youth, and inspire them to grow by breaking free from society’s restrictive beliefs.

The Arabic writing and illustrations on the hoodies are inspired by the founders, and their ethnic backgrounds. The four girls are of Omani heritage, and choose to embrace their culture, coinciding with the idea of the hoodies.