Everyone is asking, what is TextDater? A throwback 90’s type website, a texting service provider, big data, maybe?  No, it’s none of these.  TextDater is a dating app!  Breathe and keep reading; it’s a dating app unlike any other.  It goes against the grain of most out there.  How?  By focusing uniquely on personality and interests (I can feel the raised eyebrows).  Sure, other sites and apps give you detailed profiles and match personalities, but most, in essence, are picture galleries.  With TextDater, it’s all about your character – not your selfie.  The app makes this happen by blurring your picture to start with.  The onus is then on members to write a creative, but short, profile about themselves that is interesting enough for someone to want to chat them.  They can later swap pictures at their convenience.

Image oriented, selfie-obsessed apps are ‘the big thing’.  And that’s great.  But with all big trends, there is some backlash, and this is where TextDater steps in.  It shakes up the norm by delivering personality at first sight and making it reality.

I’ve been told, “It sounds like it’s for geeks”.  That made me smile, geeks are damn cool!

Check out TextDater here