Talent acquisition is very important for every single startup out there. If you do not hire the best possible employees you can be sure that results are not going to be great in the future.

For instance, let’s say you want to hire someone that would find great SEO linking opportunities for your site. If you hire someone without enough research or SEO experience you can be sure that results are going to be pretty bad. With this in mind, no matter what position you are hiring from, make sure that you do not make the following huge talent acquisition mistakes.

Deciding Fast Based On Interviews

Around 20% of the hiring managers are going to make a decision during the first meeting of an interview. They just do not take into account all the other things of a really high importance. To make matters even worse, 40% more are going to make a decision in the first quarter and just 30% wait until interviews are over.

If you have problems retaining great talent, this approach will just make everything worse.Recruitment software nowadays assists great talent acquisition strategies and deciding on who the best possible employee is should be done based on a lot of information that is gathered. Basically, a collaborative decision making system should be put into reality.

Not Training Employees

Although tech investments are constantly growing, most of them are not moving towards training employees. This is totally unfortunate because not meeting objectives and goals is so often connected to employers that are slow to respond to tech modifications that happened in the industry.

Talent acquisition without training investments is a really bad idea. You want to attract the great talent and then retain it. When people do not have career growth opportunities you can be sure they will quickly move on to a better job.

Always Starting With Job Posts

Job posts are often a very good idea but in so many cases the best talent will not even read the job postings that appear online. Because of this, you want to look at all the options that are available.

Remember that talent acquisition sometimes involve getting in touch with people that already have a job and that do not currently think about going to another firm. If you do not consider that talent you may be missing out on a great opportunity.

Highly Predictable Interview Questions

The modern candidates already know much about the typical interview questions that are almost always asked. Do not ask those really popular or overused job interview questions you surely read about. Focus on a job content approach. This means that you are focused on issues and challenges that new talent would be faced with right now.

Structured interviews should never rely on questions that everyone knows how to answer. Focus on questions that can properly highlight whether or not the considered candidate is going to be a great fit for the company.

Boris Dzhingarov