Everyone already knew it and it has been proven: The richest people on earth have an average yield of 6.4% more than the Western middle class. Their total return on every dollar is more than three times higher.  This is mainly because Big Capital has access to advanced investment technologies. Supercomputers, hyper smart developers and artificial intelligence software make the richest 1% among us even richer. Nothing wins from these super powers and the current banks certainly do not. RevenYOU.io made a platform that makes these superpowers available to the general public. RevenYOU is active in Beta. In February 2019 the global introduction is planned.

Startup RevenYOU might be the beginning of the end of investment banking as we know it

RevenYOU is building the largest trading platform in the world. On this platform, developers, alone or jointly, can build and offer the smartest trading methods to users. With RevenYOU, investing is easily done in an app, in which a rich selection of algorithms made with co-creation can be selected, which automatically invest for the users. They are algorithms (‘automated Warren Buffets’) made by the smartest and most active developers where a user can invest his money. The algorithms can be rated and optimised by the users and the developers can be approached in person. The intervention of expensive banks, pension funds and financial experts is no longer necessary.

RevenYOU: Finally a big fintech innovation from Europe

Behind these ambitious plans lies the Swiss / Dutch company RevenYOU with the Dutch founders and entrepreneurs Colin Groos, Michiel Stokman and Stefan Bijen. “The portal is ready and working, we have worked day and night”, says Groos. “Every developer and investor in the world can now automate its investment strategies and offer it to everyone in the world.

“Compare it to a platform such as YouTube and Spotify: global democratisation of creativity. Nobody does this in the Fintech. Investing becomes so simple”, adds founder Michiel Stokman. “Potential global impact is huge because the sharing makes the ecosystem prosper more.”

“We want to break this market and give everyone access to a high return. In 2027 we want to serve more than 600 million people.” RevenYOU opens the smart but closed system of the super-rich to the rest of the world.

Ease to use RevenYOU makes advanced investing easy for everyone

With RevenYOU, no years of experience is required to start investing in a sophisticated way. For the user, it works very simply and gives security: the earlier performances can be seen in advance. After downloading the app on the smartphone, the consumer chooses an algorithm based on his profile and preferences. He then determines how much he wants to invest and starts. Earnings can be paid immediately. Acting without difficulty, with the knowledge of the masses and the certainty of the most advanced technology, that is RevenYOU.