Since the dawn of the internet, digital marketing has been going from pillar-to-post with all the changes happening within it. As the internet has developed, digital marketing and indeed digital marketers have developed new ways to reach consumers and target markets as virality, social media, and developments in technology have taken place.

Once upon a time, marketing was a very professional field in which seasoned experts would talk candidly about boring statistics and sit in stuffy offices. Today, marketing has benefitted from a new breadth of life and is something which anybody can get into; it is no longer something exclusively for college graduates.

One platform which has changed digital marketing more than any other is Instagram. Here is how.

#1: It is a Platform which Invokes Creativity

Anybody can open an Instagram account and begin posting their pictures. This has given the more creative among us a unique opportunity to really share their creativity with the world, not just through personal art pages but also through digital marketing.

Today, any small business owner can pick up their phone and begin taking professional-grade snaps for use in their digital marketing campaign. These are then shared and engaged with on Instagram, helping that small business grow and generate leads.

Once upon a time, such a level of digital marketing would require the use of a professional agency, lots of consultancy and a high amount of money being spent. Today, that has changed – anybody with a phone can market their brand. If you are trying to develop an Instagram marketing strategy with just your phone and are not sure where to start, Moblivious.Com is a great place to draw inspiration.

#2: It Has Become More Engaging

Traditionally, Instagram was not considered as a marketing platform. By 2014, however, it had started getting popular and with developments such as stories, the Instagram store, and linking, it has become more of a marketing platform than anything else.

Instagram, by being more engaging through stories, linking, and high-quality posts, has gone from being something of a platform for the vain to an essential part of any modern digital marketing strategy. Today, if you are not marketing your brand or service through Instagram, you are doing something wrong and are potentially missing out on an organic reach which stretches into the millions!

#3: It is Full of ‘Influencers’

Any Instagram-based niche will have a small group of well-known people – bloggers, celebrities or just regular people – who are called ‘influencers’. Being a social media influencer is now a real, full-time career for many people and brands are flocking over to these people and paying them to promote their products.

This constant paid promotion of products has made Instagram even more of a marketing platform, with brands sending free merchandise to popular Instagram account owners in return for a post or two about it.

Instagram has dramatically changed the digital marketing scene. Since its inception, it has gone from being a mere photo-sharing platform to a major marketing platform on which all brands – big and small – are operating.