Forget Dark Souls III, life is the hardest game of all. In a world fueled by technological breakthroughs, Apps have become THE life-guidance tool.

People are actively seeking Apps to help them with basic life duties and pastimes – cooking, driving, dating, health & fitness. Some will let Apps dictate their lives, others will take charge and limit their time using them. However, if you are able to use each App as a ‘cheat code’ in your daily routine, you will soon be playing life at its own game.

#1 Cheat Code is the cooking App ‘Kitchen Stories – Good Recipes’. Completely FREE, it covers relevant food and drink categories, such as ‘Newest Recipes’, ‘Dinner tonight’, ‘Breakfast and Brunch Ideas’ and ‘Easy 20 minute dinners’. Updated daily, you are able to scroll through countless meal ideas. It even includes a section for specific food requirements, providing options for vegetarians and those on low carb diets.

#2 Cheat Code is the driving app ‘Waze – Sat Nav, Maps & Traffic’. Again, completely free, it uses real-time, allowing users to avoid traffic and stay alert about accidents, hazards and police traps in the area. It also has nifty benefits, granting users the ability to send their ETA to friends and add local sights and businesses to their map.

#3 Cheat Code is the health & fitness App ‘Sworkit Personalized Workouts’. It stands for ‘simply work it’ and allows users to prioritize a workout, whether it be cardio or yoga, and follow a fitness guide to burn off calories in the set time-scale they choose. Although initially free, users can pay for a premium monthly version, which provides ‘Ask-a-Trainer support’.

#4 Cheat Code is the well-known dating App ‘Tinder’. It is quick, simple and free to join – all you need to do is upload a few photos and write a bio, add your age and set your distance preferences. Then, you can begin swiping. The most popular dating App around means that your potential dating pool will most likely be vast.

Jade Shelley