Commercial start-ups will require well-designed and effective office space to provide employees with a productive environment and to impress potential investors and clients. They don’t want a generic, dull layout that’s not going to inspire anyone. Instead, the following design tips for doing up an existing office or creating a new one should form an excellent working environment for any commercial start-up.

Keep it Light and Bright

To create a good level of focus across the workforce, lighting needs to be bright and create a clear atmosphere. Many places can just go with the cheapest options but poor lighting will cause headaches, eye strain and other issues. Big windows that let in as much natural light as possible is the best option. Where this isn’t possible, light therapy devices can reduce such health and concentration problems in the office.

Add Some Life

A green office that incorporates many plants has been shown by Harvard studies to reduce sickness absences by 30% and provide a 26% cognition boost. These both improve productivity significantly, so be sure to add in a few plants around your office. It can also provide a more natural aroma, with pine scents associated with increasing alertness and lavender reducing stress. Don’t go overboard and be mindful of any employees with allergic reactions.

Choose Effective Colours

Colour schemes should also receive plenty of attention, from the walls, ceilings and carpets to furniture. An even mix of light colours, especially blue which is believed to improve productivity, should be used. Avoid dark and imposing colours and be sure to mix up the wall design with images and words if you feel necessary, which can add a bit of character.

Remember External Space

Following on from adding vegetation, don’t ignore any external space. This can be great for a breakout area, whether your office has a little garden and pond or a balcony which can be renovated to provide a breath of fresh air. More plant life can be added, even a herb garden which could be used as a good team-building exercise by looking after it.

Focus on Comfort

Importantly, employees are in the office to work, so they need to feel comfortable. While you will want furniture and desks that fit with the colour scheme, also ensure they are adjustable and comfortable to sit in, such as offering raised height and standing desks. Any employees who feel uncomfortable at work will spend more time fussing than working, leading to a drain in productivity.

These design tips should help you create a well-designed office for any commercial start-up, impressing employees, clients and investors.