Nine in ten employees admit they would prefer to work for a finance company that was embracing digital technology over one that was stuck in the analogue past, finds new research.

The survey, conducted by mobile data capture service, WorkMobile, found that 95% of workers in the financial sector believe it would be more beneficial working for businesses that invest in digital technology to replace paper.

When asked why they’d rather work with digital technology instead of paper, over half (55%) think it would make documents easier to fill in and store, especially when working remotely. Nearly half (45%) feel it would reduce errors or documents from being lost when out on site, and 23% believe it would make them more productive and effective.

Surprisingly, the technology that employees would most like their bosses to invest in is email. Just under half (46%) of employees want their companies to invest in email, suggesting that a large number of businesses have not yet introduced this most basic form of technology – despite it being available for well over a decade.

Aside from email, employees are also favouring more innovative tech. 44% would like to see cloud computing introduced into their working practices to make document storage easier. A third (32%) would like to use mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, to capture and store data remotely. A fifth (20%) support the use of mobile data capture, instead of paper-based forms.

Colin Yates, chief support officer at WorkMobile, said: “Investment in mobile technology brings a wealth of benefits for businesses, and also for their employees. Utilising cloud-based services, such as Dropbox, or mobile devices can make employees’ jobs much more efficient and increase their overall productivity levels. Having to fill in long paper-based forms by hand, such as contracts or transactional receipts, and then storing them will be eradicated, meaning employees can just get on with their core jobs.

“The benefits are hard to dispute when so many companies have already reaped the rewards of switching. But, those remaining businesses that still rely heavily on paper really need to be getting on board with mobile technology to bring their processes up-to-date. Otherwise they could find that they’re losing some of their top talent to their more innovative, forward-thinking competitors.”

About WorkMobile®

Manchester-based WorkMobile® is an award winning mobile data capture service that replaces paper forms. Using the API, data captured may be integrated into back-office or ERP systems and further extended into a bespoke workflow solution that includes a variety of management information reporting options.

WorkMobile® was founded in 2001 as eSAY Solutions Ltd and rebranded as WorkMobile® in 2011. The business now turns over £1.3million.