pod, the healthy food-to-go chain, announces the launch of a three-month trial of Flux digital loyalty cards and paperless receipts across all of its London stores. pod customers paying with cards issued by Flux partner banks who have opted-in to Flux, will receive digital loyalty and receipts directly into their banking apps.

pod is discontinuing its paper loyalty cards and introducing an exclusive ‘Buy-5-get-1-free’ loyalty offer on scrambled eggs to Flux customers. This is part of pod’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and eliminating the risk of fraud associated with paper-based loyalty. For each portion of scrambled eggs purchased with their normal bank card, Flux customers collect a digital stamp within their mobile banking app. Flux will recognise when the customer’s loyalty card is full, and when the customer purchases again, Flux will deliver them a loyalty cashback reward on behalf of pod.

Flux users can keep track of what they buy and how many loyalty points they have without the need to keep paper receipts or loyalty cards, download additional apps or disclose personal information at the till. Flux’s algorithm-led software requires no action on the part of store staff and does not interfere in the payment process, making it one of the most significant innovations for retail transaction technology since the introduction of contactless payments. Flux’s bank partners currently include Starling, Monzo (in closed pilot) and, imminently, Barclays via their Launchpad customers. Flux is already available across all 111 EAT. stores in the UK with a number of additional retailers to be announced imminently.

With more than £4.5 billion worth of unused loyalty points being held by an estimated 10.3 million UK consumers and more than 11 billion receipts printed in the country each year, at a cost to retailers of £32 million, Flux promises to revolutionise the loyalty and transaction process for retailers, their staff and customers.

Rosie Glencross, Brand Strategy Manager at pod said: “We are really excited to start our partnership with Flux. For a long time, we have been looking to digitalise our highly popular paper loyalty scheme but were hesitant about building our own app. Flux offers the perfect solution to not only reward our loyal customers with a highly secure and seamless experience at the till, but also to fulfill another of our key company objectives, which is to facilitate more environmentally friendly behaviours. We know that our customers care about the environment and so do we.”

Matty Cusden-Ross, Founder and CEO of Flux, said: “Today, we are excited to embark on a trial with pod, extending the truly paperless transaction experience to more locations for our London customers. In an era of contactless payment, we find it astounding that people must still rely on wasteful paper receipts and loyalty cards. With a strong culture of sustainability, we see pod as a natural partner for trialling the Flux digital loyalty and paperless receipts service. We look forward to making the trial a success and forming a lasting partnership with pod which benefits all of our customers.”

About Flux

Flux was founded in 2016 by Tom Reay, Matty Cusden-Ross, and Veronique Barbosa. They met when they were employees 1, 2 and 4 respectively at Revolut. They founded Flux when they saw the tipping point in payments technology that could enable their solution to effortlessly remove paper receipts from the transaction cycle. Currently, when a customer looks at their bank statement they can only see the retailer’s name, the total amount and the date. But Flux will complete the picture by showing each item bought and provide additional value by linking connected information, such as e-stamps, to those items. Flux also enables retailers to better understand and engage customers, whilst in turn giving customers a personalised digital experience. To date, Flux has raised $1.5 million in seed funding from PROfounders, Anthemis, Techstars and other investors.

 About pod

pod was founded in 2005 with the vision of helping people to enjoy healthier lives. It became pod’s mission to serve freshly made, delicious, nutritious breakfast and lunch to Londoners on the go. Working with the seasons and with advice from qualified nutrition experts, each dish helps to support a healthier way to eat without compromising on taste and flavour. From being one of the first food-to-go brands to deliver take away porridge back in 2005, and finding a way to serve freshly scrambled ‘takeaway’ eggs back in 2006, pod has pioneered food development, translating food trends and bringing them to thousands of hungry Londoners ever since.