The RideTo story began when founder James, who, (like most Londoners) got fed up with his daily commute on the tube. In an attempt to avoid the busy and unsavoury underground, he decided to switch to riding a scooter. After struggling through the current confusing, time-consuming and frustrating process of getting his motorcycle licence, he realised there was huge potential for technology to impact how people learn to ride, and to make motorcycling more accessible and safer for today’s learners.

Bring in RideTo, the platform which brings motorcycle training into 2018. Matching new riders with the best local training schools and providing an online platform of learning, advice and everything else a new rider needs to get on the road. RideTo’s mission is to make it safer and easier for more people to experience the joy of riding a motorcycle.                                                                      

In a very short time, RideTo has helped 1000’s of new riders get on two wheels, as well working with leading food delivery companies such as Deliveroo and Pizza Hut, all to create a new generation of young, safer riders the industry so desperately needs.

Backed by Chris Morling, one of the UK’s most successful internet entrepreneurs, RideTo is rapidly rolling out their platform across the UK through 2018 in a bid to get 100,000 new riders safely on two wheels over the next couple of years.