For this edition, we had a chat with Emily Forbes, the founder of Seenit, a video collaboration platform with authentic and dynamic stories like no other.

Seenit won ‘The Next Big Thing’ at Adtech London in 2014. One year later, where are they now?
We’re now just over 18 months old and based at Idea London, we closed a round of funding in January and are currently expanding the team. We’ve actually rebuilt the platform out of our beta product, enabling us to scale and take on much larger clients. Now we’re producing videos from around the world, capturing from the US to China.

How did winning last year make a difference?
It was fantastic, it certainly helped give other brands confidence in us as such a young company, as well as validation from the industry that we were going in the right direction.
It was also such a huge achievement for the whole team, we’d all been working frantically to sign our first contract which was a deal with BBC Earth. It’s always tricky when you’re head down and focusing so much on what’s right in front of you, you need to take time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Winning really made us all just take that moment to realise what we had achieved and celebrate.

Who are you working with now?
In the 18 months our platform has been live we’ve worked with over 90 different clients such as Camelot, CPFC, the UFC, Unilever, The Body Shop, Hilton Hotels and STA Travel. We’re always surprised at the novel ways our clients use the platform.

A definite highlight so far must be the BBC, one of the first to release a white labeled app, #EarthCapture, making their audience story tellers for the brand.

Tell us a cool story about your journey so far?
We’ve been able to power some groundbreaking events, for us it was an honor to be the partner app for Pride London for the last two years. The first year led the campaign to win 4 industry awards including Stonewall’s Ad of the Year. We were able to power video from all the volunteers along the parade line and crowd, editing it live sending content to the big screens in Trafalgar Square. We also partnered with Exterion Media and in a UGC first had crowd videos on the London Underground screens…I made the whole team go pose by the screens for numerous photos!

Where are you going to be in 12 months from now?
The next 12 months … As with any startup we have a roadmap of a 100 ideas, so it’s about testing and data, but one exciting development is going to be launching our self serve model.

Anyone you want to say thanks to?
Yes! Everyone at Collider, BBCW Labs, Idea London…all those brave beta clients…our investors and the team for backing and supporting the company on it’s journey so far.