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The evolution of the selfie takes a major leap forward with the launch in the United States of Selfie Battle, the world’s first competitive selfie app, available free of charge in the App store. 

Selfie Battle is bringing a new dynamic to the selfie culture, and will open up a myriad of social media and commercial opportunities for both individual users and major corporations.

The ubiquitous selfie is one of the most enduring and endearing phenomena of the digital era. People take millions of selfies, but in the end a few chosen are carefully cropped and photoshopped to dazzle one’s friends on social media. With Selfie Battle, users can take selfies every day and share them in a fun and competitive environment with like-minded people.

This is how it works after you download the app: Take a selfie in the allotted 30 seconds; Meet randomly selected competitors; You have 40 seconds to rate the selfies from 1 (best) to 4 (least); All five votes are summed up, and the outcome of the battle is visible to all; Ratings and in-game currency accrue based on the outcome of each battle.

“Content is uploaded through your smartphone camera. Everything is real-time. In other words, you cannot upload an old picture from your phone,” said Selfie Battle CEO, Andrei Gunin, who lives in Moscow. “No Photoshop or face tuning is allowed.  You will see friends in your feed in real-time, just the way they actually are.”

Selfie Battle operates like a social network, where users can follow others. Friends have feeds and you can see selfies uploaded by those you follow. Of course, you can like and start a conversation by leaving comments, and organize your own battle with friends.

Interactive features let your friends spice things up by adding emojis and other decorative features directly onto your selfie. In addition to pure entertainment, Selfie Battle offers romantic dating opportunities, social network interaction, and even brand promotion for companies.

Press Contact: John Varoli,