Statistics show that over half of the launched startups do not survive their fifth year of existence. Sustaining every single startup revolves around the creative employees that are hired.

Unfortunately, finding these specialists is a lot more difficult than it may seem. Even running a successful SEO campaign through high quality links becomes easier when the people in charge are creative.

With this in mind, here are some really simple smart ways in which you can find people that are highly creative to work at the startup.

Contact A Talent Agency

Talent agencies are really good at finding very good candidates for almost all possible jobs out there. We live in a highly competitive global environment so startups do want to work with these agencies in order to locate the very best potential employers. A really good one is going to learn all about the company and understand its culture. People that are a great cultural fit and that are creative will always increase business operations.

Online Job Markets

So many creative people are going to come from corporate environments. Unfortunately, the staff ends up resigning if the structure is rigid or if the lifestyle of the corporate world is stifling creative energy. Structure prevents the huge potential associated with the creativity that they have. Because of this you often see the people quitting their job and moving towards freelancing.

Hiring a freelancer through an online job market brings in various advantages:

A low cost alternative to the FTEs.

Finding skill specific qualities.

Increased productivity level.

High business flexibility degree.

Social Media

It is interesting to notice that social media is not currently taken into account by many businessmen since the networks are truly wonderful creative talent sources to consider. Obviously, there are going to be differences in the way in which the social networks work. The culture is different and the way in which you utilize the social media network will vary based on the objective you have at the moment. The very best option to consider when looking for highly creative talent to hire is LinkedIn.

The features that are offered are going to help you to easily connect with people that may be a perfect fit for the business.Talk With Organizations And AssociationsThere are almost always some organizations or associations that are going to feature creative employees in every single industry of the world. You can look for them on the internet or in real life business publications.

After contact is established you can easily become active inside that organization so that you can get in touch with people that are a good fit for the business.


Be sure that you always focus on finding the highly creative employees that are going to be really great for your business and that can take the company to the next growth level. The options that are presented above are really great but you can also focus on others. Whenever you can get in touch with wonderful talent, engage in conversations to see if it is possible to hire it.

Boris Dzhingarov