The health sector is teeming with innovation. Whether it’s new medicines or services boosting patient care, there’s a great deal of genius level work happening every single day in healthcare. No one disputes that doctors and nurses are among the elite of society, but their skills are undoubtedly emphasised and improved through technology. This is where healthtech, as it’s so aptly named, comes in.

The health sector is a great place for technology startups to thrive. The roadmap is clear; what’s needed is stark and obvious, and the rewards for filling those quotas are extremely lucrative. While some overreach in their predictions of health techs capabilities, tech startups are undeniably transforming the health sector. Here’s how they’re doing it.

Lysa Health

Obviously, some might think it a bit of a stretch to call a diet app a flourished tech startup in the health sector. It’s not the cleverest technology for the most complex problem. Still, this viewpoint isn’t without a tinge of snobbery, and if the apps are made in a classy fashion then it can be of great benefit. It’s not a focus on ‘looking better’ or ‘getting abs’; healthy eating improves life expectancy and is definitely worth a smartphone accessory!

In all fairness, startups ambitions should be small to start with. This is something Lysa Health understand and therefore have explored a quite simple idea with rich depth. After all, apps can rake in the millions if enough people use them, so why not capitalise on a trend if it benefits people’s health too? All in all, startups are safer when they nail down a basic idea first before expanding into something more complex.

Forward Health

Once again, tech startups in the health sector zone in on a simple yet crucial idea. For Forward Health, this is communication among healthcare professionals. Their project was started by junior doctors in the first instance, so the foundations of this particular startup are homegrown and no doubt fill a crucial need.

For quality care to be provided, discussion and deliberation are key. Nothing about decent healthcare screams ‘one-man band’, and it requires teamwork to get the job done. The Forward Health app affords this, yet another smartphone addition but this time featuring task management features that can be shared and discussed with their team. When ideas are in constant circulation, problem solving is much easier to achieve!

EPR System

If patient records are constantly stored in folders and filing cabinets, healthcare staff will need bigger folders and filing cabinets for all eternity. Moreover, they can be easily misplaced and lost, flawed by poor handwriting, and even just take a while to retrieve before visiting the patient’s room. Put simply, physical notes are now nothing short of a nuisance, and can actually waste crucial time that could be otherwise better spent.

Tech startups counter this irritation. For example, Servelec do this by implementing an Electronic Patient Record system (EPR), while Lysa Health and Forward Health focus on diet and communication apps. Consequently, all bases are covered. Servelec’s tech means that hospital staff can effectively track their patients; what care they need, what medication is required and other important details on demand. It’s instantaneous data management. No waiting on the arrival of notes, no subsequent delays, and ultimately, quicker care.