Trending somewhere between the giant tech worlds of the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and Social Media, #hexology is a startup that is empowering people to share their digital media in the #realphysicalworld. With their Kickstarter campaign primed and ready to launch, #hexology enables people from all walks of life to share, connect and discover content in the world around us, to create a vibrant new form of social interaction that exists in real-time and space.

Central to the #hexology experience is a free app and the #hex, a small wearable device that reaches out and shares your content with anyone nearby, connecting you to an audience you can literally reach out and physically touch.

Founder Darrel J Butlin says: “Your digital self is an amazing and an important part of who you really are, yet its presence is not with you for others to feel and see, it’s stuck online, separated from the real physical you, until now. Imagine, your digital self and real physical self together as one, not just on line but where your life is really happening!”

Streamlining the Art of creating, reading, writing and sharing your digital media in a real location, #hexology is pioneering ways to democratise and unlock the potential to empower people with this new form of social interaction. Aimed at individuals, small businesses and organisations, #hexology enables people to promote their activities and events, build communities, share digital narratives and experiences in space.

“Compose a message, add an image, video via youtube, audio via soundcloud, it’s as simple as posting a tweet.”

Evolved out of a 4 year program of user experience design, the #hexology team have identified a wide-range of insights and user-applications that could transform the way we interact in the world around us. With it’s Kickstarter campaign focused on the new generation of tech-savvy people who understand and embrace the advantages of living a truly lightweight and mobile lifestyle, #hexology closes the gap between our online digital world and #realphysicalworld.

“The Feedback we’re getting is compelling. Adding access and depth to online content, gives provenance and integrity to people, products and their services, in our fast-moving age of pop-up culture #hex can literally transform the way people in retail can operate. Artists, Musicians and people on stage can introduce new and engaging ways to interact with fans in proximity. #hexology empowers Meetups, Galleries, Exhibitions and Expos with a powerful new medium to enrich real locations with digital media and bring people together.”

At ground-level, #hexology is a super-connector of people, objects and places, so they get the visibility they need. #hexology expects the content in the #realphysicalworld will be more engaging and compelling than sitting in front of your PC at home, and that is the incentive which will draw people back into the #realphysicalworld. This is a challenge brief and a vision of the future, that #hexology is on a mission to create.

Live on Kickstarter, April 30th, #hexology is launching their #hex campaign that brings the magic of #hexology into the world around you. For further information visit this link: []