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Statistics show that around 7% of all the ecommerce transactions happen through email marketing, being the second marketing channel according to efficiency. It is only second to search. Email has been around for a really long time and is still very effective.

However, this does not mean that all email marketing campaigns are going to boost sales. As opposed to buying SEO links, which guarantees constant growth, not all email marketing campaign modifications will be effective. This is why you have to always consider the following tips as they can increase sales.

Offer Incentives For Reviews

Product reviews are always going to be very effective in boosting sales. Conversion rates are simply higher when the reviews are positive. The problem is getting the reviews in the first place. One way in which you can make the buyers write a review is to offer some sort of incentive. This can be done through email marketing campaigns.

One of the best things that you can do is to set up automated personalized emails that are scheduled to be sent for customers some days after products are received. Be sure that you experiment with email timing, prizes that are offered and anything else that could affect how many product reviews would be written.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is always vital for optimizing click-through and open rates. This practically means that you use multiple subject line and body content variations in order to identify the really high conversion rates and engagement rates. Do be sure that you always experiment with the use of cross-sells and upsells in the transactional emails.

Also, all newsletter campaigns that are to be sent during holidays need to go through A/B testing. A failure to do this will lead to huge losses.

Use Cart Abandonment Emails

You always want to improve checkout and cart abandonment. Conversion rate optimization campaigns without taking these into account are a really bad idea. When someone ads items to carts the individual is a clear potential customer.

However, in the event that the sale is not made, you want to learn why that happened. Detect the people that abandon the cart and send an email message in which they are asked to tell you why the transaction was not completed. You are going to learn a lot about the problems that potential customers have and you can then drastically increase conversion rates by making the necessary changes.

Reward Highly Loyal Customers

A pretty large part of the revenue that appears through ecommerce will be generated through repeat purchases. Email marketing campaigns can be set up to reward the highly loyal customers.

Something as simple as a future discount or something free will increase conversion rates. A simple gift card will bring in a redemption rate of around 34%. Be sure that you also test the gifts that you offer for the loyal customers. Some are going to work a lot better than others. You want to know which one is highly effective and what simply does not work.

Boris Dzhingarov