The UK’s leading youth volunteering charity, vInspired, is launching a major programme to encourage more young people from diverse backgrounds to get involved in social action, thanks to a £1 million partnership between the charity and the #iwill Fund, alongside support from the Mayor of London.

The Inspired Card, which gives young volunteers access to a wide range of discounts from their favourite retailers, sits at the heart of the charity’s new Inspired Programme. Building on vInspired’s status as the first ever European Youth Card Association partner in England, the card will offer these discounts in England and across 36 European countries.

The Inspired Programme will allow vInspired to better tailor its digital service to offer young people the volunteering activities that are right for them, based on their interests, location and the skills they want to develop. It also offers rewards embedded into the volunteering experience which contribute to personal growth and development, such as work experience or skills masterclasses.

The programme is backed by a series of high-profile supporters including:

  • Matthew Ryder (London’s Deputy Mayor for Social Integration, Social Mobility and Community Engagement)
  • Tracey Crouch (Minister of State for Sport and Civil Society)
  • Team London, Mayor Sadiq Khan’s volunteering programme
  • Peter Ainsworth, Big Lottery Fund Chair
  • The #iwill Fund, created by The Big Lottery Fund and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, which matched the £500,000 raised by vInspired to launch the scheme

Matthew Ryder, Deputy Mayor for Social Integration, Social Mobility and Community Engagementstates his support: “This is one of the most exciting programmes we have launched so far. It has the capacity to completely revolutionise volunteering across London. Using a sophisticated rewards scheme and a data-driven approach, the partnership with vInspired will help even more young Londoners to take part in volunteering and social action projects that will support their local communities. By utilising new innovations, we will be able to tailor opportunities to young people’s interests, and offer rewards that support their personal development. We are helping them to develop the vital skills they need to fulfil their potential and making volunteering part of modern daily life.”

vInspired’s CEO, Jessica Taplin, says: “vInspired is built on collaboration, innovation, and listening to young people. Building on our decade-long legacy, we’ve channelled these three core principles to launch the Inspired card. Our first-of-its-kind scheme will give more volunteers from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to help the causes they’re passionate about, whilst also growing their own skills and experience.  Taking note of how young people live their everyday lives, we’re embracing technology to create a brand new service that they are genuinely enthused by. It fits into their lifestyle, and allows our charity partners to access a new pool of volunteers who will make a real difference to society.”

Peter Ainsworth, Big Lottery Fund Chair, said: “With this new partnership, we have a great opportunity to support more young people from diverse backgrounds to benefit from volunteering. The #iwill Fund is an important tool to empower young people and open up social action opportunities. In turn, young people make a positive difference in their communities, as well as developing their own skills and knowledge. We look forward to seeing the impact this programme will have.”

The Inspired Card launched at City Hall yesterday, with keynote speeches from Matthew Ryder, Peter Ainsworth, Mike Adamson (CEO of British Red Cross) and a group of vInspired’s volunteers. The launch event placed young people and the workforce of tomorrow at its heart, championing the positive difference that vInspired has made to thousands and exploring the future of social action.

Signing up to the Inspired Card is currently free, and takes a matter of minutes.


vInspired is the country’s leading youth volunteering charity.  In the past eleven years we have filled over 215,000 volunteering roles in charities and community organisations, and nearly 4.5 million hours of volunteering have been logged through our digital service.