With smartphones and tablets becoming the hub of our daily lives, there is now a stronger emphasis on the importance of having a Digital Marketing strategy to help your business grow.

By definition, Digital Marketing is the marketing of services and products across digital channels – online advertising, content marketing, SEO, or Social Media. It is also making sure that you’re maximising your impact across the whole digital landscape, including PCs and smartphones, but also increasingly on devices like games consoles and connected TVs. Digital Marketing, in all its forms, is a crucial way of reaching your customers, strengthening your brand, and building trust and credibility in the eyes of your target audience

But what if you don’t have a Digital Marketing expert at hand or the budget to hire a specialist agency? 

To give you a helping hand, here are four essential elements of Digital Marketing so that you can think about how best to create your strategy. 

Acquire – If you’ve spent all of that time creating your business objectives, branding and website, you need to make sure that you attract the right audience.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures that you’re front of mind and ahead of your competitors when people use search terms relevant to your business
  • Traffic acquisition is about how you can bring new visitors to your website, whether it’s through free (e.g. organically) or paid-for, (e.g. sponsored placements and advertising) methods
  • Email marketing gets your business directly into your target audience’s mail-box, which can be achieved through contacts you’ve made organically or through paid-for lists
  • Content marketing allows you to put across your expertise and showcase your business through either a thought leadership piece or a video, which can feature on your website, social media platforms or shared with relevant media titles

Engage – An effective way of engaging with current and potential customers is through Social Media. But it is not to be dealt with lightly! You must ensure that you focus on the platforms that best suit your business and create a strong tone of voice so that your messages are in line with your objectives. Straying away from this could alienate your audiences and damage your reputation.

Build – First impressions do count when it comes to websites, so you need to make sure that you have one that best represents your business and provides a good user experience. This needs to be across all digital devices, so mobile optimisation is key, and if you have an app it must be easy to use and tie in with your unique selling points (USPs).

Grow – Public Relations is about building relationships with the right media to gain visibility across your key channels, ensuring that your USPs are hitting the right audience. To get the desired results you need to have a story and a reason why a journalist should write about you rather than your competitors.

With all of these four elements in place you now have the basis of a great Digital Marketing strategy and can start to build the right plan to help take your business to the next level.

Come to our London Technology Week event, Digital Marketing Drop-in Clinic, on Wednesday 22nd June at The Trampery and talk with our partners, 123 Reg, JournoLink, London & Partners and MBJ London, to find out how you can implement these four elements into your Digital Strategy.

Dan Hill, Head of Dot London

Dan Hill, Head of Dot London








Dot London, the capital’s unique web address, will be hosting a special Digital Marketing Drop-in Clinic for Start-ups and Small Businesses, from 2pm – 5pm on Wednesday 22nd June at The Trampery, Old Street. To book a slot visit www.digitalclinic.london