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Žltý melón has created a new video blog series to talk about the latest developments in p2p lending and FinTech outside of the UK, in order to highlight the innovative things that are going on both in Slovakia and across the EU. This series hopes to entertain, inform and provide a different perspective on things than the existing London-Centric FinTech media does.

There are currently 4 episodes in the series, with new episodes being posted each week. Last weeks episode is available here.

The show is hosted by Žltý melón’s very own ‘Brexit Refugee’, Jos Henson, who shares his unique perspective on things, having worked at the heart of Europe’s FinTech industry in London, grown up in the world’s tech capital of Silicon Valley, and now finds himself working in Bratislava’s rapidly growing startup community.



The growth of p2p lending in the UK is remarkable and seemingly unstoppable, but the pace of innovation in p2p lending outside of the UK is perhaps even more impressive.

Other highlights of this video include an interview with Žltý melón board member, Hendrik Bremer, a tour of Bratislava from above and what it is like to have a beer in virtual reality.

Jos Henson, International Investor Relations at Žltý melón

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