With its strong network of media and technology firms and a long heritage in the creative arts…

London is the perfect city for our community of creators to continue to grow and thrive. We couldn’t be happier to welcome members to the newest floors in WeWork Moorgate or to our fifth London location, WeWork Spitalfields, this fall.

We know that affordable space for startups and growing businesses is at a premium in the capital, particularly in the crowded East End. Close to the heart of London’s Tech City, WeWork Moorgate—currently the largest coworking space in the world—will serve as a hub for more than 3,000 start-ups, small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, each with a unique story to tell. We’re excited to grow with the independent workforce in the city and help fulfill the demand for space while providing access to our rich member network.

Whether in London or L.A., Amsterdam or Austin, our members share the same values: passion, determination, and a commitment to creating their life’s work. Becoming a part of WeWork means joining a larger community—a network that goes beyond the confines of physical space. We are eager to connect with people who are bringing new ideas and innovations to the world. That energy is at the core of our value proposition, and there is no better city than London for that energy to thrive.


Learn more about joining our London community at www.wework.com.