There are many factors that should be taken into account when choosing an office space for your business. After all, where you settle on serves as a representation of your business, for both employees coming to work for you and clients visiting for meetings. So, how can you make sure that your office is sending out the right message about your business?

Making First impressions

Given that people take seconds to evaluate and form an opinion, first impressions really do count, whilst also often being largely accurate according to a study by Harvard magazine. That’s why you need to think about what image your office space presents – even in terms of the location and the facilities around it.

Customers or clients are likely to be put off if you’re based in an undesirable area or if it’s difficult to reach by car or public transport. This could also have a negative effect on recruiting the best talent for your business. If you want to enhance your business image with a prestigious address but you’re not yet in the position to do so, consider a virtual office in London to give a good first impression.

Customer Experience

If your business is customer-facing, keeping up appearances is important so you should encourage a clear desk policy and ensure the office is always clean and tidy. When welcoming customers or clients into your office, you want to appear to be professional and competent, so they know that they can put their trust in you.

Keeping your office presentable makes good business sense as it could be vital in helping you secure more business deals and custom. It can also give clients a better idea of how your business works – for example, if you’re a creative company, your space should reflect this rather. A drab office with no personality is unlikely to spark excitement or inspiration in your potential clients.

Improving Employee Productivity

Choosing the right office space could affect how productive your employees are, with researchers claiming that there’s a direct correlation between how scenic our daily environments are and personal wellbeing.

Natural lighting, artwork on the walls, introducing some green to your office space – this can all have a positive effect on the happiness of your employees and how motivated they are to work. Promoting a business culture where you care about your employees can have benefits both internally, as well as making a positive impression to external customers and clients.

When considering what you need for your office space, take our three tips into account to make a great first impression, attract top talent to work for you and improve productivity – all of which could help you win more business.