We live in a technological era and enjoy many new experiences and gadgets, and one that has been around for decades although it is now making its name in the gaming world is virtual reality.

Gamers are always keen to try out the new technology that is on offer and being transported into a virtual realm where you can move about and interact appeals to many, although until now it was really only available to those that owned a high-spec pc.

Christmas 2017 saw Sony offer a great VR package for their SP4 and many of us either bought or were bought the headset for a gift.

If you were me you couldn’t wait to get yourself immersed in VR and eagerly put on your headset for the first time only to have to take it off within half an hour or so because of feeling ill.

VR sickness is very similar to motion sickness where players experience dizziness, nausea, disorientation and possibly a headache too. You can either experience just one of these symptoms or if you are very unlucky all of them, and they don’t go away either. In fact, they can stay with you for hours totally ruining the day and making you feel as if you want to pack up your gear and hide it in the darkest place possible.

But before you do just that there are a few things you can try that will either reduce or eradicate those terrible feelings of VR sickness.

Understanding why you are feeling so ill can be useful. Just like motion sickness you are getting conflicting messages from your body and your brain, with your brain telling you that you are moving and your body letting you know you are either sitting or standing still.

Therefore, if you spend too much time in a virtual reality environment, the symptoms are simply going to compound and increase, so breaking yourself in slowly with a few minutes each day is a great idea.

Many games also have a choice of getting from one place to the other and using the teleportation instead of locomotion is one way of cutting out some of the sensory experiences that can cause VR sickness. This makes a great deal of sense as if you get more details thrown at you then you are going to have to process more, which in turn can cause those nasty symptoms to occur.

Taking a break during play can also help a great deal, just like stopping a car for a breath of fresh air. Taking off the headset and having a walk about can help a great deal too. Remember as well to breath correctly when you are in games mode.

This might sound a bit silly, but when we are in a VR environment and the game is at an exciting part we tend to hold our breath more or breathe shallower. This leads to our brains not getting as much oxygen as they should and can, in turn, lead to those symptoms of sickness.

It really is worth trying the above tips, and hopefully you will be able to enjoy your virtual reality experience fully.